Vieste and the Gargano promontory offers you a great choice of itineraries. From excursion to Umbra Forest, heart of the National Park of Gargano, to the visit of marvelous sea-caves, along the southern coast. We cannot speak about Gargano without mentioning the Tremiti Islands, a small archipelago a few miles off the coast, with its very rugged cliffs, rich in caves, offer wonderful view of pine-woods sloping towards the sea. Regular boats ensure a good connection to the main island from Vieste.


For A complete visit, we suggest an itinerary that takes you through the labyrinth of the old and fascinating streets of Vieste district.

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Gargano is also a religious and historical place: - La Salata is an intresting PaleChristian sites in Vieste. - San Giovanni Rotondo is where padre Pio lived and generated many great works. - For centuries Monte Sant’Angelo and the cave of Archangel Michael have been an important place for pilgrims to visit.